input-evdev patch adding option to override XDevice type Atom, option to force EV_REL events being treated as absolute values.

Nicolas Mailhot nicolas.mailhot at
Tue Mar 11 05:52:47 PDT 2008

Le Mar 11 mars 2008 13:28, Wolfgang Draxinger a écrit :
> Am Dienstag, 11. März 2008 schrieb Daniel Stone:
>> Quirk tables are all through the USB code[0], IDE, etc, already, so
>> this would be the accepted practice.
> I can understand it for single chipsets, or other specific HW. But
> USBHID is generic to the bone, and it's device neutral. Having the
> quirks table in the kernel would mean, that for every awkward device
> you'd have to get the latest kernel, or if it's not in there yet
> patch it.

I'd be very careful not to assume what can or can not be done at
kernel level, and what should and should not belong in the kernel.

The kernel HID people are the ones who see all the hardware diversity
and what people need. They're the ones you should consult first before
adding a quirks table somewhere else. Because if they have to
implement a quirks table in the kernel anyway (for some need you've
not envisionned today) having two layers of quirks that fight each
other for device control is going to make life miserable for everyone.

The xorg pci parsing mess should serve as an object lesson in the
dangers of assuming stuff is easier to do in user-space.

Nicolas Mailhot

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