[PATCH] make xf86SetDesiredModes a bit more driver friendly

Jesse Barnes jbarnes at virtuousgeek.org
Mon Mar 10 16:14:08 PDT 2008

Here's an updated intel half of the patchset.  This one takes advantage of the 
earlier server patch to provide 0 flicker LVDS mode setting.

I'm not totally happy with it however, and I'm looking for suggestions on the 
following points:
  - getting crtc mapping & output status
    Right now this is done in each output setup routine, which creates a lot
    of duplication.  Maybe we should have a output function pointer
    callback ->get_crtc() and move all that stuff into the server (output
    status can already be done this way)?

  - save/restore of hw state in the driver vs. core

    I think this hunk:

@@ -970,6 +970,7 @@ PreInitCleanup(ScrnInfoPtr pScrn)
    I830Ptr pI830 = I830PTR(pScrn);

+   RestoreHWState(pScrn);
    if (I830IsPrimary(pScrn)) {
       if (pI830->entityPrivate)
         pI830->entityPrivate->pScrn_1 = NULL;
@@ -1547,11 +1548,9 @@ I830PreInit(ScrnInfoPtr pScrn, int flags)
    if (!xf86InitialConfiguration (pScrn, FALSE))
       xf86DrvMsg(pScrn->scrnIndex, X_ERROR, "No valid modes.\n");
-      RestoreHWState(pScrn);
       return FALSE;
-   RestoreHWState(pScrn);

Makes sense (at least partially, we should be calling RestoreHWState only in 
the PreInitCleanup routine, not by hand elsewhere), but it doesn't quite work 
on its own, since xf86InitialConfiguration modifies hardware state, which is 
then saved later on at EnterVT time:

    /* XXX This should go away, replaced by xf86Crtc.c support for it */
    pI830->rotation = RR_Rotate_0;
@@ -3157,15 +3156,6 @@ I830EnterVT(int scrnIndex, int flags)

    DPRINTF(PFX, "Enter VT\n");

-   /*
-    * Only save state once per server generation since that's what most
-    * drivers do.  Could change this to save state at each VT enter.
-    */
-   if (pI830->SaveGeneration != serverGeneration) {
-      pI830->SaveGeneration = serverGeneration;
-      SaveHWState(pScrn);
-   }

However, removing this is the wrong thing to do since hw state might change 
between LeaveVT and EnterVT.

    pI830->leaving = FALSE;

 #ifdef XF86DRI_MM
@@ -3200,10 +3190,13 @@ I830EnterVT(int scrnIndex, int flags)
    memset(pI830->FbBase + pScrn->fbOffset, 0,
          pScrn->virtualY * pScrn->displayWidth * pI830->cpp);

+   /* If coming back from an actual VT switch we may need this? */
+#if 0
    for (o = 0; o < config->num_output; o++) {
        xf86OutputPtr  output = config->output[o];
        output->funcs->dpms(output, DPMSModeOff);

But ultimately, this is what needs to be dealt with.  If xf86SetDesiredModes 
got the current configuration from each output & crtc, we wouldn't need to 
turn everything off to get a known state (I think).  Which means the above 
removals of RestoreHWState wouldn't be necessary (aside from cleanliness).

Any ideas?  What works for radeon & nv?

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