Intel ( i845G ) profiling

Matthias Hopf mhopf at
Mon Mar 10 06:27:44 PDT 2008

On Mar 08, 08 01:03:32 +0100, Simon Thum wrote:
> I don't think a correct filter is what would make a phd these days, but 
> anyway - no-one says it is xorg's responsibility to provide one. Though 
> it would be nice. TBH I guessed that scaling is in SW anyway - I'm 
> amazed this is done in HW.

All texturing is about is actually filtering and scaling...
And bilinear filters were there in graphics hardware almost from day
one as soon as textures were involved.

With anisotropic filtering even the low-level TEX commands of the
fragment programs do higher order filtering in hardware. With fragment
programs arbitrary filters are pretty easy to achieve anyway,
Hardwiger's paper was more about multipass algorithms, you can also find
some papers about arbitrary wavelet filters on GPUs written by me, so
this is pretty old knowledge by now.


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