Intel ( i845G ) profiling

Simon Thum simon.thum at
Fri Mar 7 16:03:32 PST 2008

Carsten Haitzler (The Rasterman) wrote:
> 1. oprofile
> 2. run a test suite eg:
> expedite -e x11 -a
> expedite -e xr -a
> expedite -e gl -a
> (take a guess which rendering methods they use) :)
> expedite can be gotten from enlgihtenment cvs (
> it requires evas (same source).
> :)
That should suffice.

  > aah - yes. i do know of the theory that using gamma correction in 
> with down-filtering (box) can help look nicer, but frankly i'd be happy with
> box filtering. right now the filtering you get is just "nearest" (point
> sampling) or at best linear interpolation (so down to 1/2 size is ok, but below
> is as awful as nearest/sampling).
I see. Anything is an improvement in this case.

> of course a pure box filter would be even better than this... and i suspect
> some hardware may support that. beyond that you might not find much hardware
> support and if its back to software in xrender with what i consider "phd
> research level filter experiments" then i dont think this is something xorg
> developers should be worrying about. if you want such a filter - it will end up
> in software anyway and so you may as well implement it yourself and pre-scale in
> software.
I don't think a correct filter is what would make a phd these days, but 
anyway - no-one says it is xorg's responsibility to provide one. Though 
it would be nice. TBH I guessed that scaling is in SW anyway - I'm 
amazed this is done in HW.
I just wanted to prevent overdone scaling, as e.g. GDI+ 'features'. 
Looks awkward.



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