Thomas Fritzsche tf at
Mon Mar 10 02:02:26 PDT 2008

Hi Jesse,

thanks for the wiki-page.
The other day I also tried to follow-up on the krh's blog, but as you
mentioned, all this proto & libs really send me in a dependency hell.
I like to build git x-server (intel), but with latest Ubuntu (7.10).
It looked like I need to compile a larger sub-set of the X module
tree. (Ubuntu headers too old :-( )

I tried some the scripts downloading the complete module tree, but
always got stuck with some errors (missing dependencies or program
error in exotic driver etc.).

What would be really cool, is to have  a shell scrip that just selects
modules really needed and that are (hopefully) more or less stable.
Maybe even a script taking care about Mesa and DRI as well.

I'm sure, a lot of guys like to test git, but just get stuck.

On Sat, Mar 8, 2008 at 3:44 AM, Jesse Barnes <jbarnes at> wrote:
> I found myself pointing people at krh's blog post on building the stack a lot
>  recently, so I figured it should be made into an wiki page.  We already
>  had a git development guide started, so I updated it based on krh's guide and
>  a couple of the replies in his blog.
>  Please give it a try and update it as needed (it could use a little
>  beautifying, for example adding links for the various sections), and is
>  missing proto & library build info, as well as a Gallium build guide, but it
>  should be useful as-is...
>  Jesse
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