Current state of the art for networked 3D acceleration?

Tomas Carnecky tom at
Thu Mar 6 12:44:52 PST 2008

Dan B. Phung wrote:
> you can get indirect hardware accelerated rendering using AIGLX, just 
> get direct rendering enabled on your xserver, ssh with X forwarding, and 
> it should just work, though this route is pretty slow/laggy, e.g. can't 
> play quake, even over a LAN.  Another system that supports hardware 
> accelerated remote display is to use server side hardware accelerated 
> rendering where you read back the framebuffer on the server and send JPG 
> or video to your client.  VirtualGL supports sending JPGs, and with 

In X terminology this is the other way around. The X server is the 
computer you're sitting in front of and the client runs on a remote 
computer. So you'd use client-side acceleration and copy the rendered 
JPG to the X server. I know it's confusing...

> TurboVNC, you have a complete solution where you can access your 
> desktop.  Playing quake on virtualgl/turbovnc isn't quite feasible yet 
> either.


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