Preventing screensaver when playing movie?

mcnichol at mcnichol at
Wed Mar 5 14:21:38 PST 2008

> From: "Scott J. Harmon" <harmon at>
> I don't know much about the internals of the X server, but doesn't it 
> need to keep track of clients so that when they are killed memory and 
> other resources are released?  Why would the screensaver suspend be any 
> different.  IMO, the app should call XScreenSaverSuspend(True) *once* 
> (not 30 frames per second).  And then either call 
> XScreenSaverSuspend(False) when it is done, or simply exit and let X 
> clean up.

Ok, so what happens when 2 different clients use XScreenSaverSuspend(True).
What happens when one of them terminates.... ??


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