snapshots between X servers

Franck Juers fjuers at
Tue Mar 4 08:42:53 PST 2008


I've tried to do a snapshot of an X server from an other and it doesn't
I've got one X server which uses display :0.0
I've started an other server with "startx -- :8"

when I'm working on :0.0, if I do "import -window root -display :8 test.bmp"
it doesn't work,
when I display it, it's not good... but when I do it from the server
:8.0with exactly the same command it works...

I've tried one Xnest -ac :8 &
when I do the snapshot with the import command it captures :0.0 !!!!

Someone could explain ?

My goal is to capture the display of an OpenGL application to use it in
another one...
for now, I'm trying to have a screen where I could launch an OpenGL
application, capture the entire screen (with XGetImage for example)
and then copy it in my application

Some ideas ?


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