Xephyr for multiterminal

davor emard davoremard at gmail.com
Tue Mar 4 02:06:57 PST 2008

Sorry I mis-posted the last reply out of thread (but also made some
typo there so here's updated version of the reply :)


* I can only compile, patch and run debian dated git20080131
  That's the latest that works, No success for new git on
  gentoo for my amd64

* can't use current debian unstable upstream without patching
  because of -geometry missing

* I don't know how to get evdev mouse wheel working. I'm interested in your
  exact -mouse evdev commandline syntax that makes the mouse
  wheel working! (supposedly I somehow manage to compile new git)

* I still need ugly shell wrapper for -display

Yes, we are using Xepyhr as application on top of hardware server
for multiterminal setups with cards that only one hardware X
server can bind to (all of the 2-output nvidia, ati and intel cards we
have currently).

Calling Xepyhr from gdm needs a shell wrapper to implement -display
which is source of many problems (besides maintaining extra script,
also runaway of forked Xephyr from gdm process tracking,
stability and security issues etc).

-display would be highly welcome

> You also mentioned something regarding -geometry. I heard from someone
> that -parent and -fullscreen combo could be useful to do what you want.
> The other option would be to use DevilsPie  (but I never tested both).

For modern video cards that use only a sort of Xinerama (intel xrandr) setups,
or for using the same monitor for 2 users we need -geometry to somehow
to enforce
placement of second Xephyr to non-origin (+0+0) location.

So e.g. for screen of 1280x800 we can't use fullscreen.
first Xephyr of 640x800 goes to +0+0
and second 640x800 goes to +640+0

I tried in vain with all options but the Xephyr always placed its window
to origin position so second overlapped the first when started from gdm
and therefore was unusable

to achieve the second I asked on this newsgroup and got the -geometry
patch last year (author of the patch suggested it should be added to
new git source).

Now I got Xephyr from debian unstable, versioned 2:1.4.1~git20080131-1
and -geometry is not there :( so I still have to apply patch manually

that's the newest for debian, for my amd64 on gentoo i can compile
newer Xephyr but it segfaults immediately I'm not the developer of
this to know all the tricks you know...

Best regards, Davor

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