Preventing screensaver when playing movie?

Lubos Lunak l.lunak at
Sun Mar 2 05:54:17 PST 2008

On ne 2. března 2008, Erik wrote:
> Lubos Lunak skrev:
> > On út 26. února 2008, Erik wrote:
> >> Dotan Cohen skrev:
> >>> Shift-Enter and therefore sent, when I do not want that.
> >>
> >> Is there a safe key to send? Or some even better way? I want it to be
> >> implement as an API call in SDL, so that all SDL programs can use it. It
> >> is not a good idea to depend on KDE or GNOME since SDL depends on X11
> >> but not KDE or GNOME.
> >
> >  I'm not aware of any universal way that'd work everywhere.
> We actually found a way: XResetScreenSaver

 That's what I meant by the internal X screensaver. But I don't know if this 
will also prevent DPMS from suspending the monitor, and it's a question if 
xscreensaver, gnome-screensaver or any other possible screensaver react on 
it, so I suggest you check this.

 And, since this 'how do I prevent the screensaver' question turns up rather 
often, if really just this call works, it'd be useful for others if you 
posted a reply saying so. 

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