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Mon Jun 30 13:54:13 PDT 2008

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I haven’t read every post in this thread, but of the two sides I /have/
seen, both are right.  Or at least have reason.¹

A higher pixel density, even just within the range available on any
single given brand, is useful both for getting more data on screen
/and/ for making that data more legible.

The ideal thing to do is for all dialogs to size themselves based on
the user’s chosen main text font size.  It is the users’ responsibility
to choose a comfortable primary font size for whatever dpy they have.
The documentation should emphasize that; the customization utilities
should make it easy; apps should both expect and respect it.

We should tell the apps our real dpi, but also our preferred font size.

On harware like a moko you may want to use a 5 or 6 pt font.  On three
metre projection screen you might choose a 72+ pt font.  But once you do
that everything should Just Work.

For the most part, after setting dpi in xrm (Xft.dpi), the -dpi option
to X(1)² and gconf, and specifying a fontsize of seven to eight points
in gtkrc, gconf, and qtrc everthing seems to work fine.


1] The idioms one picks up reading fiction.... 

2] The interger math screws up the dpi calculation; the panel has
   exactly 133 dpi, but with the rounding during the math X thinks
   it is something like 131x132 if I don’t tell it otherwise.

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