Further notes on 7.4

Adam Jackson ajax at nwnk.net
Mon Jun 30 11:54:50 PDT 2008

We will not be doing the -X11R7.4- badging in tarball names anymore.  No
one I talked to could come up with any reason for still wanting this,
and it's busy work I don't feel like doing.  If you really still want
it, convince me.

I've updated the module list with my current understanding of what
modules are included and what versions people want in 7.4.  If you
haven't seen this file, you really should:


While this list still includes most of the input drivers, be aware that
most of them are slated for the block, according to the input crew.  If
you're not evdev/kbd/mouse/vmmouse/void start justifying your existence.
In the same vein, I suspect XEvIE will either go away or be much changed
by 7.5.

Note that almost all of the graphics demos and core font utilities are
gone in that list.  Yes, this is intentional.  xeyes is not a critical
component of the modern desktop.  Run them if you want, but they're not
part of the core release anymore.

The core fonts are still listed there, but really, don't.  The only one
you want is font-misc-misc for fixed/cursor, expect the rest to leave
the list in 7.5.

- ajax

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