XvMC and Intel G33

Tore Anderson tore at fud.no
Sun Jun 29 06:14:03 PDT 2008

Hi.  I've got a Shuttle SG33G5M which is using the Intel G33 chipset.  I was 
hoping to get XvMC to work with this hardware, but so far no success.  My 
xorg.conf contains the following:

Section "Device"
        Identifier      "Configured Video Device"
        Driver          "intel"
        Option          "XvMC"  "true"

...and the X server log indicates that XvMC is enabled correctly:

(II) Loading extension XVideo-MotionCompensation
(**) intel(0): Intel XvMC decoder enabled

However mplayer refuses to use -vo xvmc, claiming:

vo_xvmc: X-Video extension 2.2
vo_xvmc: No X-Video MotionCompensation Extension on :0.0
Error opening/initializing the selected video_out (-vo) device.

I'm running Ubuntu Hardy (x86 version), but have installed the Intel video 
driver from the developement branch (2.3.2-1ubuntu3), and I believe XvMC is 
supposed to be supported on the G33 with this version.  I've tried putting 
both "libIntelXvMC.so" and "/usr/lib/libIntelXvMC.so" in /etc/X11/XvMCConfig, 
as well as leaving it to the default "libXvMC.so.1".  Doesn't help though, and 
I'm out of ideas on what to try next.  Any suggestions?

Tore Anderson

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