Mesa, DRI framework questions..

Mohan Parthasarathy suruti94 at
Thu Jun 19 11:44:06 PDT 2008


I spent some digging through the code but could not find answer to some of
the questions.
Hope someone can help out.

1) Mesa/src/glx/x11 is the same as in X-server branch under GL/glx. I am
assuming that
 the code in X-server is what should be used. Right ?

2) Mesa/src/mesa is similar to X-server branch under GL/mesa. X-server just
refers to the
    code in Mesa. Don't we just need the software rendering code in X-server
    Why is glapi included on the Xserver side ? Also, why are we making ?

3) Mesa/src/drivers/dri/<driver-name>/server/ What does the 3D driver
supposed to
    provide under server directory ? Is there a document describing this ?

4) xf86driproto/xf86dri.h : has several functions like XF86DRIQueryExtension
etc. which
sends X requests and are handled in hw/xfree86/dri/xf86dri.c, dri.c. What i
find is where these functions (declared in xf86dri.h) are defined.

5) 2D Driver calls DRIQueryVersion. Where is this defined ?

Any help would be appreciated. If i am not reading some document, please let
me know.
Is the document under hw/xfree86/doc/README.DRI reflect the current state of
It is dated June 2001.

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