Intel batchbuffer support

Ben Gamari ben at
Thu Jun 19 10:53:30 PDT 2008

Hey all,

What is the current status of the intel-batchbuffer branch of
xf86-video-intel. Last I knew, there were issues with a few residual
crashers from DRI2, issues with VT switching (meaning no
suspend/resume), and an issue with coloring of RENDER-drawn elements.

I checked today on the status of the branch today and things look very
good. Everything seems to run quite nicely with no corruption and in my
limited testing no crashes (although this is with DRI2 disabled). Even
better, scrolling of the gmail message list in Firefox, which has been a
perrenial point of poor performance, looks great. Even with smooth
scrolling, rendering is as smooth as any other page.

Unfortunately, this was only the case with metacity. With compiz, things
quickly go to h*ll with practically no window going uncorrupted. I have
opened bug #16434 (,
with attached screenshot) for this issue. Anyone have any ideas of
obvious causes of this?

All in all, things seem quite stable (stable enough for me to write this
message and submit a bug report without crashes). I was under the
impression that the goal was to merge batchbuffer fairly soon. Is this
still the case? Besides the compiz issue, things look great with greatly
improved performance.

- Ben

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