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Tue Jun 17 09:34:21 PDT 2008

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I have a problem, sort of a chicken or egg problem.  In order for me to get
rolling on the parsing of my USB device, so I can automatically report out the
right fields in the right order, with the right scaling, I need to know for
certain what the USBHID report ID being used is.  The only way for me to know
that, beyond merely using my own experience and tossing in guesses, is to open
up the device, make a single input read, and the very first byte of the first
report tells me what the report ID is.

My problem is, unless there is some input remaining from the last time the user
touched the stylus to the graphic tablet's work area, I have no input until the
user does touch the tablet.  If they're doing a boot, then it's for sure that
there isn't any input yet, and might not even be input until the user decides to
actually go to work.

So, either I need to just move most of the stuff I would have stuck into the
PreInit part into the later area, or maybe find some way to get the Xinput to
suspend it's initialization until there's input waiting.

What's the most reasonable way to do this.  Am I clear about the problem, that I
need to have at least 1 input report (something pretty small, about 9 bytes)
before I can finish my setup, and begin reporting correct input values?  If I'm
not being clear, tell me and I'll try again.

I'm not being held up, I found out how to do the hotplugging, and I'm busy busy
busy getting that stuff to actually work.
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