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Mon Jun 16 06:26:06 PDT 2008

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François-Denis Gonthier wrote:
> Hello all,
> I've been playing around with trying to convert X11.protocol to
> docbook using doclifter.  My inexperience with troff is hurting me
> quite a bit, but xorg-docs seems to be missing the information how to
> rebuild the stuff that is in hardcopy.  I think knowing how the
> document is generated would help me better understand the process need
> to convert the protocol doc to docbook.
> Is there anyone who can provide me with that missing information?
> F-D
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I know a good bit about troff, my favorite macros (-mm) and the man page macros
(-man).  If I can help you any, let me know.  Probably be a good idea to do it
off the list, right?   Oh, yeah, by troff, I mean the GNU version, groff.  I've
used both, and groff is definitely the better one of the two.
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