Wrapping up 7.4 (finally)

Simon Thum simon.thum at gmx.de
Thu Jun 12 02:07:58 PDT 2008

Adam Jackson wrote:
> xserver 1.5 is coming together pretty well.  I'd like to do another pass
> through the bug list and knock out anything that looks super terrifying
> and/or trivial.  I could totally use help here!
I'd like to suggest bug#9156 (0050165a67bb462e0bf644a11644ad9d587c62bb). 
It's a one-liner and yields significant improvements for mouse 
useablilty. (I don't have edit or commit rights)

Great news btw!

- Simon

> We also need to start planning what we want in 7.5.  Be aware that,
> historically speaking, we deliver on about 51% of what we target for a
> release.  This is great for the stock market, but kind of crap for
> software.  Let's be less crap.
> - ajax
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