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Le Sat 07/06/2008 à 19:30 Hanno Böck à écrit:
> Hi,
> What is the state of the synaptics driver?
> It seems the last thing that happened was the relicensing, though a
> relicensed version was never published. (who did the relicensing? can
> you comment on it?)
> It doesn't compile against current xorg-server git, since the
> mpx-changes.


I was about to ask the same question.

Plus, is there any maintainer of synaptics ? Because I created some
patch in order to have right click on touchpads that have only one
button. Just hold two fingers on the pad and click the left button, you
get a right click.

There it is:

Also, I would like to provide
a patch that would add an option to change the orientation of the pad.
That in when you miove upwards (towards the screen) it could instead
produce a left/right movement on the screen.

This could be useful when rotating the screen using xrandr. If the top
of your screen is on the left of your physical screen, perhaps you want
your mouse cursor to move on the top of the screen (that is left) when
you do a right->left movement on the pad.

You may wonder why someone would rotate the screen, but actually I find
it useful when I want to read e-books, lying on my bed. Instead of
rotating the pdf file (as I do now) I would rotate the entire screen
and still have coherent mouse movements.

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