the xorg git download page

Peter Hutterer peter at
Sun Jun 8 05:40:31 PDT 2008

On Tue, Jun 03, 2008 at 01:45:58PM -0400, Chuck Robey wrote:
> Note the added "xorg".   The section that is failing for me is line 108 of the
> script, where it's using the arguments to do_dir.  I have edited in the
> suggested fonts line, but when it runs, I added in an echo to the script to see
> what's being assigned to $(dir), and it's the entire list of fonts, which is
> causing a script error (too many parameters).  I suspect that the script line
> for fonts, and what it should be in this version of the which has
> quite obviously changed since the page was put together is out of sync.
> Somebody should take a look at that page and do the required edits.

updated, thanks.


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