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Tue Jun 3 10:45:58 PDT 2008

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The script is not working for me, so I looked a bit more closely at what was
failing, and I was surprised to find that the part of the script
(the part that shows the do_dirs) is different in the downloaded script than
what it shows on the page.  The URL is:

The hesx you see there gives the offset of the wilki page where I'm talking
about.  For example, the page shows this:

do_dir app "${app}"

While the downloaded script shows this:

do_dir xorg app "${app}"

Note the added "xorg".   The section that is failing for me is line 108 of the
script, where it's using the arguments to do_dir.  I have edited in the
suggested fonts line, but when it runs, I added in an echo to the script to see
what's being assigned to $(dir), and it's the entire list of fonts, which is
causing a script error (too many parameters).  I suspect that the script line
for fonts, and what it should be in this version of the which has
quite obviously changed since the page was put together is out of sync.
Somebody should take a look at that page and do the required edits.
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