window resize poor performance

Miguel Angel Alvarez maacruz at
Tue Jun 3 08:39:02 PDT 2008

El Lunes 02 Junio 2008, Michel Dänzer escribió:
> On Sun, 2008-06-01 at 15:54 +0200, Miguel Angel Alvarez wrote:
> > El Lunes 26 Mayo 2008, Michel Dänzer escribió:
> > > > How should I run the oprofile?
> > >
> > > Try without that option. :) Note that you need to run opcontrol --reset
> > > before starting again, or the new data will just be accumulated to the
> > > existing one.
> >
> > Hi,
> > Here are the oprofile results. To get this results, I just keep resizing
> > an xterm.
> > oprofile shows most of the time is spent in libpixman doing blt mmx
> > operations, followed by libc with memcpy.
> These seem to be using XAA, please try again with EXA.
xserver selects XAA by default
I've switched to EXA and it has some artifacts.
Using kompmgr things are a bit better, but not much. It seems now that too 
much time is spent doing memcpy operations.
Using compiz is much worse, too much time spent in libglx __glXDRIbindTexImage

I feel bad about sending these big atachments to the mailing list, so I have 
attached the opreports to a bug in bugzilla:
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