DRI2 committed

Kristian Høgsberg krh at bitplanet.net
Fri Feb 15 06:57:32 PST 2008


Last night I committed the DRI2 work that I've been sitting on for
quite a while now.  This first code drop comes with a number of
caveats, though:

 - only intel hardware, limited testing on i965 and up.  Gotta
reinstall that box...

 - everything committed on master, except the xf86-video-intel parts,
which are committed on the intel-batchbuffer branch.

 - it's disabled by default, add 'Option "DRI2"' in the device section
of xorg.conf to enable.

 - no direct rendering; I need to specify and implement the DRI2
protocol, and right now, the DRI2 module interface isn't quite set in

 - problems with rendering to redirected windows. Well, duh, what's
the point then...

Anyway, the code is out there, shouldn't break anything unless you
enable it, and I'll be working on the problems above so we can enable
it by default later.

I wrote a tutorial here on how to compile the entire stack:



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