Profiling redraws with Xorg

Clemens Eisserer linuxhippy at
Fri Dec 26 08:48:09 PST 2008

> Could be. Shame the new optimised implementation of the private lookup
> had to be reverted on the 1.5 branch.
Its not shame, its just that ABI changes don't fit in minor releases.

> I'm running 1.5.99, and it would appear that the patch is applied. It is
> a shame dixLookupPrivate is consuming so many cycles still.
I doubt the new implementation could consume 13% of total cycles.
Its _very_ quick and should consume only a few cycles.

> The patch for the performance issue is not applied on the server I'm
> using, so I'll try applying that and rebuilding. Thanks for the pointer!
Could be. When have you pulled your version?
I thought the patch was applied to 1.6 quite a while ago.

- Clemens

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