intel crashes on current branches and GM965

Tobias Hain tobias.hain at
Sun Dec 21 02:58:19 PST 2008


Yesterday I upgraded to 2.6.28-rc9, cleaned all build files, ran autoconfig
again and built the binaries:

components as of 12/19/2008:
kernel: 2.6.28-rc9 vanilla
kernel: (drm-intel-next) 2.6.28-rc9 Eric's

drm : (master) 0243c9f801a35de3465a0321c02f18a4d07ce5b8
mesa: (intel-2008-q4) f96baeaac3ef41260ac3975750627ece073fdce0
xserver: (server-1.6-branch) 32e81074b967716865aef08b66ec29caf0fec2c5
intel: (xf86-video-intel-2.6-branch) v2.5.99.1

./ --prefix="$PREFIX" --enable-udev

./ --prefix=$PREFIX --with-driver=dri --disable-glut

./ --prefix=$PREFIX --enable-builtin-fonts

./ --prefix=$PREFIX

xorg.conf is pretty much empty (all to autoconfig + HAL).
Xorg.0.log nothing suspicious except the crash

running KDE 4.1.2. I do see the 2D Desktop just fine, but during loading it
crashes at some point (I suspect the compositing manager loading since is included in stacktrace).

Still the exact same crash (see below). Any ideas? Did I miss anything the
last month that my invocations are wrong?


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Betreff: Re: crashes on current branches

2008/12/18 Tobias Hain <tobias.hain at>:
> Hello,
> chipset: GM965
> kernel: (vanilla) 2.6.28-rc8, (drm-intel-next) of Eric's 2.6.28-rc8
> xserver: server-1.6-branch
> libdrm: master
> mesa: master and intel-2008-q4
> xf86-video-intel: xf86-video-intel-2.6-branch
> remaining components: Kubuntu 8.10
> I'm facing crashes when launching X with all of the above:
> Backtrace:
> 0: /opt/gfx-test/bin/Xorg(xorg_backtrace+0x3b) [0x81323fb]
> 1: /opt/gfx-test/bin/Xorg(xf86SigHandler+0x51) [0x80b82a1]
> 2: [0xb7f9b400]
> 3: /opt/gfx-test/lib/dri/ [0xa75c6a08]
> 4: /opt/gfx-test/lib/dri/ [0xa75c712e]
> 5: /opt/gfx-test/lib/dri/ [0xa76647ea]
> 6: /opt/gfx-test/lib/xorg/modules/extensions// [0xb7a40278]
> 7: /opt/gfx-test/lib/xorg/modules/extensions// [0xb7a6a5fb]
> 8: /opt/gfx-test/lib/xorg/modules/extensions// [0xb7a6eb8a]
> 9: /opt/gfx-test/bin/Xorg(Dispatch+0x33f) [0x808cc6f]
> 10: /opt/gfx-test/bin/Xorg(main+0x3bd) [0x807192d]
> 11: /lib/ [0xb7ad3685]
> 12: /opt/gfx-test/bin/Xorg [0x8070de1]
> Fatal server error:
> Caught signal 11.  Server aborting
> It's always the same crash and related to 3D compositing manager loading I
> guess. I tried some permutations of the above branches, but none worked.
> Always the same crash that I didn't have before updating the branches.
> been tracking intel driver development for a while, but not on a regular
> basis. I think I updated branches one month old and before that everything
> worked fine. xorg.conf doesn't contain anything special.
> It's KDE 4.1 compositing manager. Haven't tried anything else yet. Hope it
> sounds familiar to some.
do the drm and intel module load at x startup? i has some similar messages
time ago on radeon caused by modules not autoloading at x startup. i've
them to autoload at startup and then it worked. for some reason after
the 1.5 release
i couldn't start x without them forcedly loaded by the kernel. try
loading the modules
manually and see if something changes.

dott. ing. beso

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