Maximum Screen Size for intel driver

Greg Stark gsstark at
Sat Dec 20 12:38:58 PST 2008

On Sat, Dec 20, 2008 at 6:58 PM, Greg Stark <gsstark at> wrote:

> I'm running into this intel driver limit on a i945GM card:
> xrandr: screen cannot be larger than 1280x1824 (desired size 1920x1824)
> I've recompiled from source from
> git:// but it
> seems at
> least the master branch still has this problem. Are there plans to work
> around
> this problem? Is there a branch containing fixes for it?
> I know it's possible because in Windows this card happily drives this
> monitor
> at 1920x1200 for a total desktop size of 3200x1200.

I'm not sure if this is related but I see the following code in

    /* See i830_exa.c comments for why we limit the framebuffer size like
    if (IS_I965G(pI830)) {
    max_width = 8192;
    max_height = 8192;
    } else {
    max_width = 2048;
    max_height = 2048;
    xf86CrtcSetSizeRange (pScrn, 320, 200, max_width, max_height);

There is no such related comments in i830_exa.c as the comment here claims.
(In fact there are hardly any comments in i830_exa.c at all). Is this code
just obsolete? What will happen if I just put a more reasonable set of
values here?
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