Window Manager and multiple application windows

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I actually did read about the the WM_HINTS window group in the ICCCM. To be
more specific with my question, it is not compulsory for a client who
creates multiple top-level windows to specify the window group hint - In
that case I guess there is no way for the window manager to find out the
top-level windows that "belong" to an application. Am I right?


On Tue, Dec 16, 2008 at 11:46 AM, Peter Harris <peter.harris at>wrote:

> Bipin George Mathew wrote:
> > I am writing a window manager and had a question regarding top-level
> > application windows.
> >
> > If an application like GIMP creates multiple top-level windows (like the
> > toolbox, each image window etc) - is there a way for a window manager to
> > find out all the windows that belong to a particular application?
> The ICCCM explains all:
> Look at TRANSIENT_FOR and WM_HINTS->window_group, for example. You
> should read the entire ICCCM if you are implementing a window manager.
> It is also a good idea to read the Extended Window Manager spec:
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