S-video with Intel Graphics Card

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I do get output when I restart with it plugged in, but it is only through
the TV and not the computer (one or the other). Furthermore, it's black and
white and the image jumps vertically across the screen repeatedly. Using man
intel and man xorg.conf, I have written my own xorg.conf which *should*
work. The only thing I managed to do with it is keeping seeing what's on my
computer monitor, but still nothing with the TV. I have pasted this
xorg.conf here: http://pastebin.com/m5330834b. It's possible that I got
several things wrong and/or this configuration simply will not work. I am
currently using a normal S-video cord (which according to xrandr seems to be
detected as VGA too?), but I have ordered a VGA to S-video/RCA adapter, and
am planning to give it a try with that as well.

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> "I am trying to clone my desktop to a television using an S-video cable.
> I'm
> am using an 82852/855GM Intel graphics card. I have tried editing my
> xorg.conf several times and it has never worked. The best I can get from my
> television is a flicker, and editing my xorg.conf usually messes up my
> computer monitor as well. My goal is to at least get some kind of picture
> on
> the TV screen. I wouldn't really mind if it was black and white or didn't
> use the whole screen, so long as it works. Can I get some help with this
> please?"
> To start, make sure that your BIOS enables dual output through VGA and
> S-video ( often called TV-OUT). Test by booting with only one of the
> pair (VGA/S-video) plugged in. You *should* (cross fingers, throw salt
> over your left shoulder etc. etc.) get output during boot, even if it
> then gives a blank screen. THEN you can get into setting up xorg.conf
> for a dual output. Man intel and man xorg.conf will be your friend.
> Geoff
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