Building latest Intel support for 945G

Mateusz Kaduk mateusz.kaduk at
Fri Dec 12 05:51:45 PST 2008

2008/12/12 Cliff Lawson <cliff at>

> So I used GIT to get a libdrm that did include the linux-source part of the
> tree but when I built it the i915.ko did not build and looking at the
> Makefile it would appear to be because OS_HAS_GEM was not defined. It was a
> search for the solution to that which brought me to a post in the archive of
> this mailing list where I realised that a simple "export OS_HAS_GEM=1"
> before building was NOT the solution to use.
You dont set that. drm/linux-core is out-dated.
You get correct drm.ko and i915.ko from latest kernel or from for-airlied
branch of eric's tree.

Look at Eric's LJ first case as You
dont need dri2.
And after clone switch to for-airlied branch which is a bit more stable.

I dont know if master xf86-intel does not need xserver 1.6 (here 1.6), but
there is also origin/xf86-video-intel-2.5-branch which should compile fine
with xserver 1.5.3 which is in debian/experiemtal packages and it should be
possible to install it on Ubuntu.
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