compile xorg1.5.2 then startx, mouse and keyboard can not work

XuHunt huntxu at
Tue Dec 9 03:30:39 PST 2008

> 'Twas brillig, and FloraGui at at 09/12/08 08:27 did gyre > and gimble:> > I compile xorg-1.5.2 in ubuntu8.10, then startx, mouse and > > keyboard can not work, I check it , and found there is some problems > > with HAL. When I compile xorg-1.5.2 I don¡¯t add any parameter, just > > ./ ¨Cprefix=/usr/local; then make install.> > > > Does anyone encounter the some problem with me?> > > Try adding the option "AllowEmptyInput" "on" to your xorg.conf. If you > look in your xorg.log there will probably be a line like:> (WW) AllowEmptyInput is on, devices using drivers 'kbd' or 'mouse' will > be disabled.> (WW) Disabling Keyboard1> (WW) Disabling Mouse1> > > The above mentioned option disables this behaviour.>I think it should be "AllowEmptyInput" "False" to turn off the option.Cheers,Hunt
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