[RFC] Xorg symbols that should not be public

Paulo César Pereira de Andrade pcpa at mandriva.com.br
Mon Dec 8 20:46:15 PST 2008

Aaron Plattner wrote:

>>   I think some private headers, for things like libextmod, libxaa,
>> libfb, etc, should be created, still with symbols exported at
>> first, to guarantee binary compatibility. But some symbols that
>> are currently exported should be made private, and not advertised
>> in the sdk, as they are only used in the X Server binary.
> Hi Paulo,

  Hi Aaron,

  Can you test with a install of the current X Server git master, and
check what symbols are missing if any? Just use the script attached.

  I remember last year/start of this year, when I check, the nvidia
driver required miInitializeCompositeWrapper (don't remember if any
other symbols). Currently that function is not in the sdk, and the
apparently only user, libxaa has it as a hidden symbol, what probably
is wrong.
  libwfb may also need some update, wfbrename.h maybe should not be
installed, but I don't remember if the nvidia driver used it.

  xf86Rename.h probably should not be in the sdk, but bundled with
the drivers that provide fallbacks for older servers.

> Of these, we need the following:
> LoaderGetABIVersion
> LoaderShouldIgnoreABI
> miCreateAlphaPicture
> noRenderExtension
> PictureMatchVisual
> xf86AddGeneralHandler
> xf86DeregisterStateChangeNotificationCallback
> xf86DisableGeneralHandler
> xf86EnableGeneralHandler
> xf86RemoveGeneralHandler
> XineramaVisualsEqualPtr

  I think all of these should always be available. And if one
compiles with --disable-xinerama, the xinerama function should
not be called.

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