[RFC] Xorg symbols that should not be public

Paulo César Pereira de Andrade pcpa at mandriva.com.br
Mon Dec 8 18:36:01 PST 2008


  In my Linux x86 computer, using only git master, and with X Server
configured with "--prefix=/usr --disable-builtin-fonts --enable-dri2
--enable-dri --enable-xephyr"

  With all buildable modules also installed, attached is the list
of symbols that are not used by any module.

  There are 2 main kinds of symbols that should be public:
o Symbols accessed by input/video modules
o Symbols accessed by extensions or other kind of modules

  And of course, there is a large amount of symbols in the list
that should not be exported. And some should have a stub when
some feature is disabled.

  I think some private headers, for things like libextmod, libxaa,
libfb, etc, should be created, still with symbols exported at
first, to guarantee binary compatibility. But some symbols that
are currently exported should be made private, and not advertised
in the sdk, as they are only used in the X Server binary.


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