Intel xf86-intel-video with G45: glxgears synchonised to VSYNC

Eric Anholt eric at
Mon Dec 8 00:10:31 PST 2008

On Mon, 2008-12-08 at 07:31 +0000, Terry Barnaby wrote:
> Hi,
> I am playing with an Intel G45FC Motherboard with a HDMI connected Samsung HDTV.
> I am using Fedora 10 as the base with the latest DRM/X11/mesa xf86-intel-video
> drivers from the Xorg GIT repository. In general this appears to be working.
> One thing I note however, is that when I run glxgears the 3D drawing frame rate, 
> reported by glxgears, is exactly the VSYNC rate. The CPU usage is well down and
> is definitely using DRI. When using the stock xf86-intel-video driver that
> came with Fedora 10, glxgears was reported around 1500.
> Is this correct behavior, I thought that glxgears simply drew as fast as 
> possible and was not synchronised to the VSYNC frame rate ?

No, this is correct behavior.

Eric Anholt
eric at                         eric.anholt at

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