Intel xf86-intel-video with G45: glxgears synchonised to VSYNC

Terry Barnaby terry1 at
Sun Dec 7 23:31:35 PST 2008


I am playing with an Intel G45FC Motherboard with a HDMI connected Samsung HDTV.
I am using Fedora 10 as the base with the latest DRM/X11/mesa xf86-intel-video
drivers from the Xorg GIT repository. In general this appears to be working.

One thing I note however, is that when I run glxgears the 3D drawing frame rate, 
reported by glxgears, is exactly the VSYNC rate. The CPU usage is well down and
is definitely using DRI. When using the stock xf86-intel-video driver that
came with Fedora 10, glxgears was reported around 1500.

Is this correct behavior, I thought that glxgears simply drew as fast as 
possible and was not synchronised to the VSYNC frame rate ?



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