Status of Intel Xvmc support?

Terry Barnaby terry1 at
Thu Dec 4 22:51:56 PST 2008

One thing that would be nice here, at least for me, would be the support of VLD 
MPEG2/H264 decoding through the XvMC interface.
I have been using a Via based system for about 4 years using the Via XvMC VLD
extension that supports almost full hardware MPEG2 decoding. This VLD API is 
supported in the main Linux media players including MythTv, Xine, Mplayer VLC 
etc. Thus if the G45/X4500HD supported the XvMC VLD API, we would have almost 
full hardware decoding for these applications quite quickly.
The Via XvMC/VLD extension may not be ideal, and would probably need some
changes for H264 decoding, but it would be a good first pass to get something 

Assuming the MPEG2/H264 GenX code from the Microsoft Windows driver is available
for the Linux driver this should be relatively easy to implement ...


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