XTest does not set numlock leds

Ander Conselvan de Oliveira ander at c3sl.ufpr.br
Tue Dec 2 07:46:59 PST 2008


Mandriva uses a program based on the XTest extension to set the state of 
numlock. The problem is that this does set the status of numlock modifier, 
but the leds on the keyboard are unchanged.

I could track down the problem to the fact that KbdCtrl or EvdevKbdCtrl are 
never called when a fake key event is generated. Only the procedure for the 
virtual core keyboard is called (CoreKeyboardCtl). So the leds are not 

If the modifiers state is shared among all devices, it seems reasonable to 
update the leds of all devices when numlock is pressed, but I have no idea of 
what would be the proper way to do that. Any comments welcome.


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