[newb] Will xorg still allow non-hal config?

Alan Cox alan at lxorguk.ukuu.org.uk
Mon Dec 1 07:50:25 PST 2008

> I mean this is broken every Fedora release or so just by applying
> system updates without any user-level intervention. I don't think that

So file a Fedora bug.

> > The font data is out there already thank you. As you keep conveniently
> > forgetting X can already render those fonts to bitmaps suitable for
> > such a screen so the problem doesn't exist except in your mind.
> If you're saying X is now needed to render the console I think people
> will object.

Of course not - the majority of Linux systems don't even run X. However
for complex languages you probably end up wanting it in user space so you
might as well use all the pango and vector font support. Whether you use
X as your renderer at that point is  just a design trade off. I suspect
most PC oriented Linux distributions would go that way. I know the
discussions I've had with distributions on these subjects they are
thinking X is the user interface full stop, except for debug/things gone

> > Untrue but rather irrelevant really. The font size in VGA consoles is
> > defined by the hardware on the video card.
> And the userspace that loads it which is limited to 512 codepoints
> right now IIRC.

They are limited to 512 because the kernel interface uses 512 because
most PC video hardware is limited to 512. It's not exactly hard to fix if


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