[newb] Will xorg still allow non-hal config?

Nicolas Mailhot nicolas.mailhot at laposte.net
Mon Dec 1 06:01:03 PST 2008

Le Lun 1 décembre 2008 14:31, Alan Cox a écrit :
>> Just check the console on any random selection of non-us or uk
>> systems
>> and you'll see the current garbage is the console output. Sure it is
>> not a blocker because all the different encodings agree on the ASCII
>> part, but anything outside the 127 first codepoints has a high
>> probability of being mis-rendered.
> You mean you don't know how to work the console or put it in unicode
> mode. Diddums.

I mean this is broken every Fedora release or so just by applying
system updates without any user-level intervention. I don't think that
if the problem was so trivial the fine Fedora maintainers would keep
on breaking it.

> There are things you can't do in character console mode - arabic is
> quite
> tricky, most indian languages are a no-go, but the console isn't
> designed for that so we don't care.

I'm quite aware of the specific needs of those scripts thank you very
much, right now the breakage extends to simple latin languages (the
last one was romanian I think).

>> The problem is not rendering the font data, it's to get the right
>> font
>> data in the first place. You have not-so-trivial problems like the
> The font data is out there already thank you. As you keep conveniently
> forgetting X can already render those fonts to bitmaps suitable for
> such a screen so the problem doesn't exist except in your mind.

If you're saying X is now needed to render the console I think people
will object.
If you're saying someone could possibly duplicate what X does
console-side I don't disagree. However that does not make it a
solution one can use today.

>> limited number of glyphs allowed in console fonts, the fact 4:3 15"
>> VGA screens are not manufactured anymore, etc
> Untrue but rather irrelevant really. The font size in VGA consoles is
> defined by the hardware on the video card.

And the userspace that loads it which is limited to 512 codepoints
right now IIRC.

Nicolas Mailhot

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