[newb] Will xorg still allow non-hal config?

Alan Cox alan at lxorguk.ukuu.org.uk
Mon Dec 1 05:10:12 PST 2008

> > What is there to maintain, exactly?
> Fonts are not generated out of thin hair and they need to be updated
> to keep up with the environment.

Only if you keep breaking the environment carelessly.

> Environment changes can be changes in encoding standards (unicode is
> still evolving and even low-level hardware stuff such as USB
> identifiers uses unicode), changes in font formats (use the same

And not many USB devices have description strings in linear-B so why does
it matter.

> format as everyone else if you want to tap in the common maintenance
> pool), changes in hardware capabilities (hardware pixel density is not
> a physical constant and any change there invalidates the existing pool
> of bitmap fonts).

All non issues.

In case you've not noticed every time you use a vectorised font you turn
it into a bitmap to suit a changing variety of hardware and encodings.

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