Intel Driver Garbles fonts on my plasma tv

Rajesh Balan rajesh at
Fri Apr 25 22:41:32 PDT 2008


The latest driver garbles all the fonts (they are replaced by strange 
symbols or the fonts are missing) on my display. I did a git bisect and 
narrowed the problem to this patch.

23d1df22d177e54bfc46304053d8115047ff85d4 is first bad commit
commit 23d1df22d177e54bfc46304053d8115047ff85d4
Author: Eric Anholt <eric at>
Date:   Mon Apr 14 16:46:17 2008 -0700

    Abstract surface setup into a separate function.

:040000 040000 2e2a320ebb92336f67b058d2855cf5afad0c3505 
c40ebba93039c88a28b964c81fa35d08e6dc192b M      src


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