Hardware Acceleration in XOrg

Bhaskar abc.bhaskar at gmail.com
Thu Apr 24 07:38:47 PDT 2008

Dear Team,

My older device firmware has integrated hardware acceleration.  It
uses xfree86-4.6.0.  The acceleration was integrated with fbdev under
programs / Xserver / hw / tinyx.

The newer firmware version uses xorg-6.9.   I found no such fbdev
under programs / Xserver / hw of this version.  There is an empty
folder kdrive consisting of single Readme.txt indicating the

Kdrive has been removed from this tree as it was outdated.  Builds of
kdrive are no longer supported in the monolithic tree.

But kdrive with EXA is available in 7.2 and higher versions.  Do I
need to download 7.2 or higher version in-order to enable hardware

Kindly suggest the way to enable hardware acceleration.


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