Driver selection when running without xorg.conf

David Miller davem at
Mon Apr 21 12:41:12 PDT 2008

From: Alan Coopersmith <Alan.Coopersmith at Sun.COM>
Date: Mon, 21 Apr 2008 12:34:05 -0700

> For our Solaris/SPARC port of Xorg, I need to be able to select the default
> devices based on the results of an ioctl on /dev/fb instead of by PCI id,
> and to list a couple of possibilities to try.   While modifying xf86AutoConfig.c
> to support this, the ability to list multiple drivers to try for a given PCI
> vendor id fell out naturally (for instance, try "geode" then "amd" or
> "intel" then "i810", for those with drivers & server not fully in sync).
> I've attached my proposed changes, both as a patch and full source - does
> anyone have any comments/suggestions/objections to this?

The existing Xfree86 SBUS framebuffer support code already does the
same /dev/fb song and dance.  It also has code to obtain various
properties of the given framebuffer device.

It would be great if this logic could be merged instead of duplicated.

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