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For the SDVO TV-out support, I done this work Nov. last year under X and DRM (fb driver to support SDVO TV-out) for Intel poulsbo graphics driver. The attached patch is only for xf86-video-intel-2.2.1. Actually, I don't have the machine to test the patch, but I think you may just need a littlte modification. Hope it works for you. 


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Here's a few things you might try to get it working...

Add your encoder to the list at the top of i830_sdvo.c with I830_SDVO_CHIP_TVOUT
The xorg.log should confirm it was detected

const static struct i830_sdvo_card i830_sdvo_cards[] =
    /** 0x02 = 'Chrontel'*/
    {0x02,0x3C,I830_SDVO_CHIP_TMDS,"Chrontel CH7307"},
    {0x02,0xC2,I830_SDVO_CHIP_TVOUT,"Chrontel CH7021"}
Change your tvout connector in i830_sdvo_init (bottom of i830_sdvo.c), auto detect may work for you but it doesn't  detect my ouput properly (although the hardware is capable).

        /* i830_sdvo_reset_device(output);*/
        dev_priv->tv_out.connector = SDVO_OUTPUT_SCART0;
You could try modifying the tv out format, the default is 0 atm with a dirty hack to force PAL when it see's a specific clock value  i830_sdvo_mode_fixup (i830_sdvo.c)

You may want to add a few more modelines to the list for SDVO_TV as I only put in the ones I needed (i30_sdvo.c)

#define MODEPREFIX(name) NULL, NULL, name, 0,M_T_DRIVER
#define MODESUFFIX 0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,FALSE,FALSE,0,NULL,0,0.0,0.0

/* PAL 576 (50p) 27.0 720 732 795 864  576 581 586 625
 * NTSC 480 (59.94p) 27.0 720 736 800 858 480 484 492 525 */
static DisplayModeRec i830_sdvo_tv_modes[2] = {
    { MODEPREFIX("720x576"),    27000,  720,  732,  795, 864, 0,  576, 581,
      586,  625, 0, V_PHSYNC | V_PVSYNC, MODESUFFIX }, /* 720x576 at 50Hz */
    { MODEPREFIX("720x480"),    32143,  720,  736,  800, 858, 0,  576, 581,
      586,  625, 0, V_PHSYNC | V_PVSYNC, MODESUFFIX }, /* 720x576 at 60Hz */
/*   { MODEPREFIX("720x480"),    27000,  720,  736,  800, 858, 0,  480, 484,
      492,  525, 0, V_PHSYNC | V_PVSYNC, MODESUFFIX },*/ /* 720x480 at 59.94Hz */

static DisplayModePtr
i830_sdvo_get_modes(xf86OutputPtr output)
You should probably remove anything to do with overscan from i830_sdvo_mode_fixup (i830_sdvo.c)

I forget exactly what I did to get overscan working but it was a bit of a mess and may well only work with the CH7021A
The overscan is controlled by the following line, I know it causes problems with most modes as the timmings dont divide out correctly and the system won't sync


You'd be better off making the code revert purely to the values recieved from i830_sdvo_create_preferred_input_timing, when I did the basic patch this is what I did and it worked with all the modes I tried without any messing.
I'm not sure how generic the SDVO TV spec is, i figured out some of the registers by scanning and setting them, so they could do unexpected things on your HW. You may therefore wish to disable the following in i830_sdvo_mode_set (i830_sdvo.c) just to take them out of the mix.

	i830_sdvo_set_tv_out_width(output, dev_priv->tv_out.width);

	i830_sdvo_set_tv_out_pos_horiz(output, dev_priv->tv_out.pos_horz);

Hope that helps

Will W
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