CreateDrawable failing with old DRI

Ben Gamari ben at
Wed Apr 9 18:41:51 PDT 2008

Has anyone found that since DRI2 was merged, CreateDrawable failed with
the old DRI. The problem seems to be that driCreateDrawable fails all
requests where xDrawable != drawable (dri_glx.c:943) because of DRI
restrictions with GLX 1.3+. How is this supposed to work?

This error occurs with compiz, resulting in a white desktop and windows
and numerous error messages of "failed to create drawable." I've tried
tracing this with a debugger but I'm afraid I came to a dead-end when I
attempted to find the source of driCreateDrawable's 'drawable' argument.
It seems it comes from NewPixmap in the xserver, but I can't find any
recent changes in this function that might have caused the old DRI to
break. Odd

- Ben

P.S. Indeed, it seems that similar issues (although with more
descriptive errors) are occurring when used with DRI2 and the
intel-batchbuffer branch.

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