ANN: xterm patch #235

Thomas Dickey dickey at
Sun Apr 20 17:09:33 PDT 2008

                            Patch #235 - 2008/04/20

     * add  control  sequences  for  some  of  the  recent  resource/menu
          + altSendsEscape (private mode 1039)
          + keepSelection (private mode 1040)
          + selectToClipboard (private mode 1041)
          + bellIsUrgent (private mode 1042)
          + popOnBell (private mode 1043)
     * add  resource  formatOtherKeys  to  provide  an  alternate  escape
       sequence  format for the modifyOtherKeys resource (request by Paul
       LeoNerd Evans).
     * adjust  saved-cursor  position  if  the  window  is  resized while
       displaying the alternate screen (Novell #196880, Debian #383384).
     * improve  pointer-checks  to  fix  a bug exposed by resizing during
       initialization  under  StumpWM  window  manager  (Fedora  Bugzilla
     * modify  unselectwindow()  to  ensure that the mouse pointer is not
       hidden after xterm loses focus (report by Jeremy Huddleston).
     * add  special  check  for  fd_mask  on  Mac  OS X (report by Jeremy
     * add  dylib  to autoconf's suffix list used for checking the result
       from xmkmf, to work with Mac OS X (report by Jeremy Huddleston).
     * correct  initialization  of bold- and wide-, wide-bold fonts which
       may be set via the utf8Fonts subresource (Debian #347790).

Thomas E. Dickey
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