Questions on Intel i915 chipset (performance, gallium)

Tobias Jakobi liquid.acid at
Sun Apr 20 08:51:07 PDT 2008

Keith Whitwell wrote:
> It's currently pretty difficult to get the i915 driver on gallium-0.1 branch to build - due to all the changes to the other parts of the stack (, DDX, DRM, etc).  
> Jakob has put some time into producing an updated version of this driver, which is currently on the gallium-i915-current branch.
Oh I see. marcheu told me that this branch is dead, so I didn't bother 
to check it out.
> However -- I wouldn't get too excited about the possibility of using this driver as a day-to-day tool.  At this point it probably doesn't offer the performance of the other options you've tried -- though that should change over the next few weeks/months.
I tried the i915tex_branch of mesa but it won't work for me. I can't get 
the X server up with the drm and i915 module loaded.
Multiple errors:
[drm:drm_user_object_ref] *ERROR* Could not find user object to reference.
After that the display is dead and the only thing that revives it 
somehow is vbetool post.

> Keith
Thanks for the info. I think I go back to regular mesa 7.0.2 and check 
gallium again in a few weeks.


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