xserver: Branch 'master' - 2 commits

Jeremy Huddleston jeremyhu at freedesktop.org
Sun Apr 20 08:34:41 PDT 2008

> Cygwin/X is currently the closest it's been to getting a new  
> maintainer, and
> he/she will need the XWin code in X.Org.
> $ git-revert 6550078b0925f754e3eec3bbce94dbfe5de8c419  gets it back.

That's great news.  I'm reverting it now.

> I have limited resources and so tend to follow the line of least  
> resistance.
> A future solution could be for Xming to have a separate DDX on a git  
> branch
> (to avoid the change 'noise' being sent to all and sundry), but  
> still hooked
> into the libraries and rest of the xserver via conditionals e.g. using
> __MINGW32__ && WIN32.
> Changes in XWin should only be made by the Cygwin/X maintainer so  
> don't
> worry about breaking it until someone cares!

That would be great.  That's what we're doing with xquartz right now,  
and it's been helping development alot.

Thanks for the info,
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