xserver: Branch 'master' - 2 commits

Colin Harrison colin.harrison at virgin.net
Sun Apr 20 05:49:38 PDT 2008


I'm neutral on this on.

The change doesn't affect me (as in my Xming development), because I still
(lazily, perversely or whatever!) don't build using the modular xserver git
software (X libraries are built from git). However I carefully merge changes
from it into the Xming as they have a habit of blowing me up if I just cross
my fingers and take them all in. This can be a very slow and painful process
when sometimes all I get are small gains or just movement of the deckchairs,
but iteratively merging the changes and fettling small Windows specific
patches to them is the most efficient way I've found of using the time I
allocate to Xming development.

The XWin DDX was 'owned' by Cygwin/X and used to compile using Cygwin tools
in a fairly 'orderly' fashion. Lack of a maintainer for Cygwin/X has led to
its neglect. My patches for Xming are usually problematic for Cygwin/X and
building a generic Windows Xserver due to
1) The build tools are not available 'standardised' and packaged as in
Cygwin. I cross build using MinGW on a Linux machine with various extras
(e.g. MinGW's gcc is currently used only at old version 3.4.5 with a cvs
binutils from the FSF). I don't build using MYSYS, Cygwin/X (with or without
option -mno-cygwin) or VisualStudio (any version) and so can't support them.
2) My patches are not suitable for merging into X.Org's git 'heads' until
conditionals have been checked/written to avoid breaking other builds, and
even then they should be checked and sanitised by someone other than me (I
used to work via Bugzilla, but this can be slow at materializing in the
3) Microsoft Windows directory layouts for Xming are not the same as *nix
and Cygwin/X. Xming has no concept of /usr/X11R6 or traditional X file
conventions (e.g. .Xauthority becomes Xauthority in Xming).
4) External code is incorporated from outside of X.Org's orbit e.g. sha1
stuff, the Pthreads-Win32 library.

Cygwin/X is currently the closest it's been to getting a new maintainer, and
he/she will need the XWin code in X.Org.
$ git-revert 6550078b0925f754e3eec3bbce94dbfe5de8c419  gets it back.

I have limited resources and so tend to follow the line of least resistance.
A future solution could be for Xming to have a separate DDX on a git branch
(to avoid the change 'noise' being sent to all and sundry), but still hooked
into the libraries and rest of the xserver via conditionals e.g. using
__MINGW32__ && WIN32.
Changes in XWin should only be made by the Cygwin/X maintainer so don't
worry about breaking it until someone cares!

As for rootless in Xming, I've already tracked the XQuartz changes (e.g.
removal of the rootless acceleration directory). The most used modes of
Xming don't use this rootless shared code and I can continue to track any
change without much trouble (famous last words)!

Colin Harrison

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