Getting widescreen resolution on my widescreen LCD tv

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On 2008/04/17 09:20 (GMT) Beso apparently typed:

> 2008/4/17, Felix Miata <mrmazda at>:

>> On 2008/04/16 21:30 (GMT) Beso apparently typed:

>>> this (live cds) won't work since he needs the nvidia drivers package to run
>>> a widescreen resolution

>> I have no confidence that is true. I've never yet needed to install any
>> proprietary driver regardless of hardware for a single head system to run a
>> common resolution display.

> the problem is that 1366x768 is a widescreen resolution is a vesa+
> resolution. i don't know if vesa+ are supported by normal drivers. for
> example on my laptop 1280x800 i cannot use the wxga resolution on livecds by
> any means, because they require the ati driver which usually doesn't ship
> with them.

If you want to know what modes are supported, just find a display with
missing DDC and no EDID to test with. I doubt at this point that 3 year old
or older modes (several generations) are missing from open source drivers.

>>> (livecds usually don't include proprietary drivers).

>> True, but likely irrelevant.

> it's not irrelevant if the mode is not supported by the livecd.

You keep assuming lack of support of open source. I believe that assumption
has been stale for quite some time.

>> When things are as troublesome as has been for the OP, think, and do, outside
>> the box for possible solutions. 1366x768 has been around quite some time now,
>> 3 years at least. It shouldn't have taken so long for someone to make it work
>> for the first time only within the past few weeks.

> well, on my hw is the contrary. the things work better and better as the
> time passes.

On some other hardware, better is impossible. Better with passage of time is
usually the goal, but often merely that, and not the actual result of changes
intended to improve things. See e.g.
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