idea: screen-like utility for X11 / proxy server

Alan Cox alan at
Sun Apr 13 15:21:16 PDT 2008

> I think xnest *might* do that.  Alternatively, you can use Xvnc, and
> run your "actual" desktop behind that, with a "bare" Xserver running
> the client on the physical VGA adapter, which is actually how the
> original AT&T VNC guys used it.

Xvnc will do it but that costs you a lot of desktop performance as VNC
doesn't expose things like compositing hardware acceleration (or much
acceleration at all) across the interface.

In theory disconnect/reconnect is a toolkit problem, but toolkits that
support it are a bit lacking. A pity really because another natural use
for this is virtualisation - moving your desktop virtual machine between
your desktop and laptop and other machines when travelling or switching


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